Project Introduction



Master Hsing Yun believes that religion can benefit education. With the deep devotion by Hsing Yun and millions of his followers, Nanhua University is established.

Our unique mission is to integrate these ideals—self-awareness of life, human spirit, and public higher education—into students’ educational process. With these ideals, the university aims to better not only students but also teachers, who are willing to contribute to social service. Our education endeavors to build students’ character, widen their perspective, and enhance their ability so that they will qualify as upstanding citizens and brilliant workforce. To achieve these educational goals, we propose a project called, “Nanhua’s Hope Raising: No Student Left Behind.”

The “Hope” project offers our students a hope for the future! The project aims to develop students’ self-awareness of life, which is an essential part of higher education. Through the implementation of the project, we wish to reestablish Nanhua University as a model of higher education in East Asia. In order to realize the idea of public welfare and justice, Nanhua also endeavors to hold itself up as an example of religious education.

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